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Your dream of owning a motor yacht – yacht ownership

There’s nothing that says, “I’ve made it” more than inviting friends on your own dream yacht. However, the high purchase price and the ever increasing annual costs are the main reasons why most of us resist buying our dream motor boat. Moreover, no one’s going to use it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Even if you can afford a whole yacht, it would be hard to justify to yourself that it make sense at all. Co-ownership opens up an alternative that makes sense!

SmartYacht makes owning an affordable yacht possible!

At SmartYacht, you share a desired motor yacht (>45ft) in the Mediterranean sea, in Dubai or the Seychelles. Through sharing purchase costs as well as the ever increasing annual costs, you only pay a fraction of the costs of owning a whole yacht, but can still enjoy all the benefits of luxury yachting.

Situated in the most beautiful locations, the yacht can be used by each co-owner in a most individual and flexible manner throughout the entire year. Thereby, a three-season system with online reservation guarantees a fair allocation of access in the summer season, off-season and winter season. In order to avoid time conflicts in the vacation calendar, SmartYacht only combines co-owners from different countries, age and interests with each other.

In contrast to the time-sharing models, with SmartYacht shared yacht ownership the respective share remains in the ownership of the customer, and the model offers the highest degree of protection and independence among the co-owners. SmartYacht is not affiliated with an particular brand and can meet your personal requirements to make your dreams of luxury yachting come true.

Walk on – Enjoy – Walk off – without any hassles!

While you enjoy your precious leisure time, SmartYacht takes the hassle out of yachting by handling all aspects of professional yacht management for you. We provide an affordable yacht combined with great service, keep all the yachts in top condition throughout the year, and arrange maintenance, mooring and repositioning. To transform your yachting trips into memorable experiences, SmartYacht offers a unique Service Package. Order your preferred drinks online before you arrive and find your personal items already stored on board. No more cleaning at the end of your trips and no dirty laundry to deal with. A reliable and fully trained service team gives you the freedom to simply relax and enjoy life. All you have to do is step on board!

Have your personal captain or fly solo? It’s up to you!

SmartYacht provides different shared yacht ownership models: Co-owners either fly solo (no permanent crew on board, captain on demand) or with a permanent crew (at least 1 captain) on board. Moreover, co-owners can choose, if they want to release part of their usage time, in order to reduce the annual costs. The yacht will then be chartered our within the Smart Yacht Vacation Membership program.

Have a closer look at the costs and compare ownership and co-ownership with each other!

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